Back and Seat Foam Cushions with Removable Cover

Back and Seat Foam Cushions with Removable Cover
Back and Seat Foam Cushions with Removable Cover
Back and Seat Foam Cushions with Removable Cover
Back and Seat Foam Cushions with Removable Cover

"Simply Love Coozly Products for my Home. Super Quality, Great Price !"

- Mrinalini K, a Coozly  Customer


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Product Description

Material: Made of a very soft and durable material, it is lightweight and has a long life. Removable Covers so that you can easily wash it and keep it fresh and clean.

Features: Raises the arm, provides a proper arm cushion rest, distributes pressure, relieves and relieves elbow pain.

FITS: Fits a variety of chair seats, including DXR racers and wheelchairs. It's very easy to slide and slide on the armrests of a chair, and it's easy to remove. It fits snugly so it won't move even after long hours of use.

Convenient: Great for use in the office, plane, home, or wherever you own a chair with armrests. It's also easy to carry where you need it.

Size:   Back - 24"x 20"x4" | Seat  - 20"x20"x5"


Customer Reviews

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soft, firm, just perfect

I have spent the last year largely working from home. My home desk chair is adequate, or was, before I started spending eight to ten hours a day on it for three or more days in a row. My office chair had never caused back pain, and I'd previously not spent enough time in the chair in my home office to notice that it was uncomfortable. I didn't want to spend the money to get a new chair, and I honestly didn't even want to spend the money to buy these cushions. I kept telling myself that I'd be back in office soon enough, and the purchase would be a waste of money. I was wrong. These cushions are great!! It is like having a custom fit chair in my home office. I now have no back pain, even on long days. 

Couldn't be Happier

The set provides real comfort and eliminates the issues of discomfort which i was having with my old cushions. Well worth the price, which by the way, I thought was very reasonable given the quality!

Exactly What I Needed

I am a small woman and my desk chair was too big for me to be comfortable. I ordered these support cushion to make my chair higher and not so deep. They did the job perfectly. The quality of the cushions seems to be quite good.

Best thing I ever did for my back!

I would never have thought that it would work this well. I use it at home and at work, everyday. Best thing I have bought in years.

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