Coozly Lancom Zippered Storage Bags
Coozly Lancom Zippered Storage Bags
Coozly Lancom Zippered Storage Bags
Coozly Lancom Zippered Storage Bags
Coozly Lancom Zippered Storage Bags
Coozly Lancom Zippered Storage Bags
Coozly Lancom Zippered Storage Bags
Coozly Lancom Zippered Storage Bags

"Large Storage - One product that can Fit all my Clutter!"

- Shubha K, a Coozly Lancom Storage Bag Customer


Fabric Quilted with Foam for Extra Sturdiness.

Box Construct for more storage. Dimensions - 20 X 23 X 11 Inches.

Large Sized Bag - Can be used to store Toys, Bedding, Large items with ease.

Easily Foldable with Handles to carry around.


Rs. 1,299.00

Retail Price:

Rs. 599.00

& Free COD Delivery

You Save:

Rs. 700.00


100% Money Back Guarantee

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Now Everything fits in One Bag

The Coozly Lancom Storage Bags are a stylish way to store all your things neatly in One Place. The Zippered Enclosure and Handles also make it great to carry to a long trip or even the Bazar! Pack away the clutter of your room and Give your home a Sassy Look!

What are Fans Saying about the Coozly Lancom Storage Bags?

"My Favourite Bag for Bedding"

We travel frequently and carrying quilts and pillows is ever so easy with these big sizes storage bags. I like the quality of make - its quilted and is more sturdy - besides being good looking too! I use many of these to store baby toys, books and all :-)

- Sushma. P

"My Best Shopping Partner"

On my shopping spree, these storage bags fold small. As I pick up stuff I simply put it into this bag. Its Amazing the storage space that it provides. Everything fits in one compact bag. I always carry these storage bags for shopping. 

- Shubham K.

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Reemz N.

Even my chair can't do without this fluffy piece of goodness. It's a perfect fit for all chairs.

Abhiraj K.

Really smart chair. Bought this for an outdoor varandah. Looks smarter that most chairs on the inside of my room.

Mridula P.

The best thing I was gifted this year. I got two of these for my 2 chairs and I love them both. The material is definitely high quality. Plus with the straps on the don't slip out. Really good product.

Anandi P.

I put this on my favourite pouf and it stayed put. It sort of protects the base layer of upholstery. Plus it's really comfy. Love the colors. Am already buying more of these!

Kshitij R.

Gifted this to our gatekeeper who stayed up all night guarding the gate. Im glad that he was happy. ??

Anu S.

Got the yellow one. It was really cute. I tried strapping it on the back and on the seat as well. Guess I'll buy another one. Really made wfh so easy. LOVE ThIs

Leena R.

I fit this on a stool. It was fairly stable. Like the product

Yuvi B.

My grandma's was thrilled. This was a gift for her and she uses it every day when she sits on her rocking chair. If you ever want to gift something that the other will use, this is a great option.

Payl L.

Lovely Cushion. The Strap fits quite well. Comfy too.

Trina Sil
Good product

Very comfy and thoughtful

Easily Foldable

Easily Fold into a smaller size.

Quilted Construct

Quilted Construct for Sturdiness

Large Size

Large size thats fits all in One Bag.


Coozly LANCOM is a premium range of Home and Living Products that are unique and distinctive in style and design. These awesome products are great utility items and are designed to solve everyday problems. From bedsheets to Pillow covers, rugs and mats, The Coozly LANCOM Range uses top notch manufacturing to suit the special needs of our valued customers.

Join the Coozly family and feel the difference.

Quilted Fabric for Sturdiness

Can Hold upto 15 Kgs weight

Earth-Friendly Materials

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