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Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow

Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow
Grey - Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow

"My Pregnancy Life Saver !"

- Palak.T, a Coozly Pregnancy Pillow Customer

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Get the luxurious Coozly Belly Back Pregnancy pillows | Maternity Pillows and sink into the lap of blissful luxury.

Made with SuperFine PregnoCare fibres and covered in a 100% cotton cover, this Pregnancy pillow will fit in right with your room and your persona.

The Belly Back Contour shaped pregnancy pillow is very malleable and can be used in many positions for breastfeeding, lounging and a lot more.

The COOZLY Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow is designed to provide comfort and support during pregnancy, reading, lounging, and breastfeeding. It features high-quality SuperFine PregnoCare Premium fibers that are hypoallergenic, non-reflexive, and null pressure, providing a seamless feeling. The pillow is filled with small deniers of Coozly Fibers, offering superior comfort.

The pillow comes with a zippered cover made of NEWD 100% Cotton Compact Fabric that is removable, allowing for easy washing. The compact fabric is durable and soft, providing a comfortable surface for lounging or sleeping. The pillow's unique shape offers support to the back, belly, and legs, eliminating the need for multiple pillows.

The COOZLY Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow adheres to internationally accepted quality standards, ensuring its durability and performance. It is vacuum-packed and comes in a zippered bag for easy transportation and storage.

Overall, the COOZLY Belly Back Pregnancy Pillow is a versatile and comfortable option for pregnant women, new mothers, and anyone in need of support while lounging or sleeping. Its high-quality materials, hypoallergenic properties, and convenient design make it a reliable choice for a variety of uses.


  • Contains 1 Pregnancy Pillow with Cover.
  • Contains High Quality Coozly PregnoCare Fibres that are cut to the Finest Denier for seamless even feel.
  • The Zippered Cover is made of NEWD 100% Cotton Stretch Fabric and is Removable so that you can wash it.
  • Ideal for Lounging, Reading and Backrest. Aligns Spine and Shoulders with Good Back Support.
  • Available in many Shapes and Sizes. The pillow shape offers back, belly and leg support and takes away the need for Multiple Pillows. It's ideal for persons who relax on sides while lounging or sleeping. Adheres to Internationally Accepted Quality Standards. It Can be used for Pregnancy, Reading, Lounging. Post pregnancy it can be used for Breastfeeding. Flexible Design for multipurpose use.

Your Best Pregnancy Friend

The Coozly Pregnancy Pillows, made with specially crafted PregnoCare Fibres, aid to fill the gap between the base and the growing body, thus avoiding uncomfortable skin stretches. Everday Lounging and Relaxing is now so easy with the Coozly Pregnancy Pillows.

What are Fans Saying about the Coozly Pregnancy Pillows?

"Pregnancy Time is a Breeze with the Coozly Pregnancy Pillow"

Ever since my 2nd month of pregnancy, I suffered from reflux. Buying this product was the best pregnancy decision as it helped prop me up and the side cushion made lying down so comfortable. The quality is very good and so is the Customer Service!

- Ansuya.R.

"Perfect for Side Sleeping and Leg Support"

My swollen feet always needed to be propped up and side sleeping was really difficult with my growing belly until I got the Coozly Pregnancy Pillow. It can be easily folded and adjusted in so many ways on the bed, sofa and even floor.

- Maithili K.

Customer Reviews

Based on 255 reviews
The best

I originally bought for myself since I am pregnant but my mother needed it more than I did for surgery so she loves it super comfy going to reorder myself one

Wife found it comfortable and it offered a good night's sleep.

Took a chance on an item that seemed it could be a gimmick. To my pleasant surprise my wife loves it and she would like to give one as a gift to a friend. Easy transaction and quick delivery.

Best sleep of my life!!!

I’m not pregnant but I’ve had really bad back pain which caused me to struggle sleeping, and this pillow has helped soooo much. It gives me the support I need and it makes me feel like I’m begging held in a comfortable way. 10/10 recommend!


Tengo 7 meses de embarazo y pensé que no necesitaría una almuada pero ya con mi dolor de espalda y no poder dormir por las noches se me ocurrió comprarla y creo que fue una buena compra por que anoche usé por primera ves mi almuada u pude descansar y dormir bien toda la noche

Best sleep ever!

Although I'm not pregnant, I've had a lot of trouble sleeping... waking up from being uncomfortable throughout the night, stiff/sore neck/shoulders/low back. I've bought pillows from $5-$250 to no relief.... until this pillow. I just had the best sleep of my life in the last several years. I sleep on my side.. sometimes on my back. The support for my neck/shoulder were there.... using the curved part of this pillow between the knees helped support my back and I woke up with no back pain/discomfort either. I've tried using a separate pillows, but they just get lost in the bed.... this pillow, all in one stays in place. I'm not sure how long the support will last, but honestly... if it worked just for one night... it's totally worth it. Plus... having the roll in the back helps keep you in place with the extra support! This is great!

My daughter love it!!

My Daugther kept asking for one to help her sleep better and she said it makes her back feels better.

Great for pregnant moms !

I use this while I’m working , as I work from home and has definitely been a life saver for me while pregnant. I would say the only con with this pillow is it traps heat. I sleep with my fan so not really that big of a deal for me

Not an Ideal product to buy

This pillow starts to gain a very bad smell which I really don't like, we washed it and it has a very bad smell. But it's good for pregnant moms.

Firm and yet soft

I wish I had a photo of the pillow; we opened it up right away and it took no time for it to inflate.I was happen on how large and firm this has been. I do love the color purple and how soft it is. there is no fragrance or smell, thank goodness for that. I been having a hard time keeping myself from sleeping on my belly and this helps with my legs that are noticeably hurting at night. My girls love to lay in it and I'm so glad I purchased this product for my comfort on my last pregnancy.

Love it

I love my pregnancy pillow. It’s so soft and comfortable. You can watch a YouTube tutorial to find the best and most comfortable way to lay with it.


One Solution to various Pregnancy Needs like Heartburn, back pain, Side sleeping. Perfect Aid for Better Sleep & Relaxation during Pregnancy. Adjusts easily to the growing body too.


Made with High Quality PregnoCare fibres that specially crafted with care for Pregnancy Needs. The fine deniers give the Coozly Pregnancy Pillows superior Flexibility & Malleability.


Organic 100% Cotton jersey covers give the product good temperature regulation & make the product breathable. The covers are double stitched for extra durability.



Coozly is a premium brand of pillows and home linen. From head pillows to different shapes and sizes in pregnancy pillows, Coozly's fibre processing technology helps carve out speciality fibres like Onsomnia and PregnoCare to suit the special needs of our valued customers.

Join the Coozly family and feel the difference.

Multi-Region Pressure Relief

Even Weight Distribution

Earth-Friendly Materials

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