Acorn 100% Cotton Tshirt Duvet/Blanket - 60X90 inches

Acorn 100% Cotton Tshirt Duvet/Blanket - 60X90 inches
Acorn 100% Cotton Tshirt Duvet/Blanket - 60X90 inches
Acorn 100% Cotton Tshirt Duvet/Blanket - 60X90 inches
Acorn 100% Cotton Tshirt Duvet/Blanket - 60X90 inches
Acorn 100% Cotton Tshirt Duvet/Blanket - 60X90 inches
Acorn 100% Cotton Tshirt Duvet/Blanket - 60X90 inches

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Product Description

Enjoy the Tshirt Feeling, in your blanket. Premium Collection Launch by Coozly.
  • Contains 1 Duvet / Blanket - which is made from 100% Cotton Outer - the inner side made from Tshirt Fabric.
  • Dimensions: SIngle Duvet - 60 inches X 90 inches. Quality of the Set - 200 GSM
  • Material - The Duvet Outer is made from 100% Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric especially on the inner side to give you a cosy Tshirt feeling. It is similar to a Fine Cotton Tshirt Fabric. The Duvet itself is made with High Quality Coozly Thermal Pressed Wadded Sheet Filling. 
  • All Weather Everyday Use. It is ideal for tropical Weather.
  • Packed in a Coozly Zippered Bag and thereafter in a white bag for delivery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Amazing blanket!

Great for hot and Comfortable temps. Washes well. Very light weight. Does not collect hair or lint as that is an issue with us as pet owners. Great purchase!

Harshit Agarwal
Updated Review: Less “Comfortable” [pun] after 3 Weeks

I love this blanket so much I just bought a second one for my husband (only complaint is that I wish there was a larger size for couples to share on a queen size bed). The side made with 50/50 polyester and nylon feels incredibly smooth almost slippery and is Comfortable to the touch. Every time you shift the blanket on your skin the material feels Comfortable all over again. The other side made of cotton jersey material is super soft. It feels really neat when you rub the top and bottom sides together with your fingers; the filling feels like gel (note that it is not actually gel but definitely has that feel). It’s the perfect weight not too thin like a sheet and not too thick like a typical comforter. The quilting/stitching is high quality. Def recommend this blanket.UPDATE: After having this blanket for 3 weeks the fabric on the Comfortable side is really starting to “pill” which significantly reduces the Comfortable slippery effect that I had originally considered to be the best part about this blanket. It’s still comfortable just wish it would have retained the slippery smooth feel it had when it was new (a whopping 3 weeks ago). I’m worried how much worse it will get after being washed since this is happening with only light use. Bummer.

Love it

The best blacket ever

Pooja Yadav
Works for me

I noticed a difference at night sleeping better

Pavitra Kamat
Good blanket

It’s good for an extra blanket when it’s Comfortable and is Comfortableer than a quilt or wool blanket.

Worth it!

I bought this for my 7 year old niece because she has night sweats and it has dramatically improved her sleeping! It’s the perfect size for her and very comfortable

Sachin RP
Cat approved

I bought this blanket because I've been overheating at night. I thought a Comfortableing blanket would help. However my cats really like the blanket. One of them is always sleeping on it.I don't know if the blanket works because my cats won't let me use it. But they sure like it. It's very soft and maybe a Comfortableing blanket is exactly what my senior cats needed. Maybe I should buy another blanket so I can try it.

Nice But Not Large Enough

I wish they sold one that was larger than a twin.

Sunitha Hiremath
Works great at keeping you Comfortable.

My daughter loves this blanket. If you are hot natured this will definitely keep you Comfortable when using the Comfortableing side. It is lightweight and perfect for travel. Highly recommend!

Works fairly well!

This is a very light weight blanket. One side is Comfortableing which is great to assist in helping me have a Comfortableer nights sleep. Less tossing and turning and more restful nights. I would recommend for its cost and how it works!

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